Three days after graduating Hamilton College with a major in English I began my career at Electronic Arts as an associate producer. In Chicago I began designing and developing the sequel to Def Jam Icon for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Our team lead by Kudo Tsnuoda was nimble and talented but due to restructuring I was transferred to Electronic Arts Los Angeles where I saw the early potential of Mobile gaming and requested to be placed on the mobile team. While there I produced and designed titles for the iPhone, Facebook, smart phones (pre-android) and mobile platforms. Specifically my team and I created experiences in collaboration with Hasbro (Risk, Scrabble, GI JOE), NFL (Madden), NCAA (football) and Steven Spielberg (Boom Blox). While at EALA I was recruited by R/GA in New York to be a creative producer for a number of their clients and I happily accepted the challenge. While there I orchestrated online campaigns, digital platforms, websites, Times Square take overs, mobile solutions, digital interfaces, and applications for Verizon, Tiffany & Co, L'Oréal, Nike, Pepsico, Avaya, and SC Johnson. During my tenure at R/GA we were named Agency of the year and Digital Agency of the Decade, it was an amazing place to learn how to implement the seemingly infinite possibilities of the digital space.

Through an introduction by my friend Martin Puris I met Noah Kerner founder and CEO of Noise. Soon after our meeting I joined the Noise team and eventually lead the new media engagements of Noise’s innovation group. Noise is specifically focused upon the needs of the millennial generation so as a young man I was perfectly poised to conceptualize, pitch, and create a myriad of never before seen advertising platforms and solutions for brands such as Vitamin Water, Vice, Ralph Lauren, Intel, GE, TREsemmé, Sydell Group and my personal acquisition of Electronic Arts. From Noise I co-founded a New York based creative collective called The Warpaint Agency that provided our clients with luxury focused aesthetic superiority through design, photography, events, music, branding, digital content, and fashion accessories.

In June 2013  I made the difficult, yet imperative decision to head back to school to get my MBA. Specifically I wanted to broaden my world view, sharpen my focus, acquire a more diverse international network, and gain the essential business acumen needed to run a highly successful and innovative multinational corporation. I began my MBA journey at SDA Bocconi in Milan which was an incredible life altering experience, which granted me exponetially greater levels of knowledge than I could have ever expected. As my first year at Bocconi culminated I was almost simultaneously accepted to the MBA exchange at ESSEC outside of Paris and offered an internship at Revolution working on strategic growth of their private equity acquisitions. The summer at Revolution was extremly rewarding and taught me how to manage innovative companies for long term expansion. My time in Paris was an absolute dream as my courses at ESSEC focused on Innovation, Luxury, and CSR monetization. I graduated from both Universities with my MBA in 2014.

After Business school I moved across the world to Venice Beach, California to work for The Firm. Reporting directly to the founder and CEO Jeff Kwatinetz I oversaw various creative endeavors in the digital, music, film, fashion, and innovation realms. I left The Firm to begin my own music management company and to develop a series of innovative wine products coming to market fall 2017.

I am also a professional photographer having shot for GQ, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and several other publications/brands. My photographic expertise spans from fashion, music, product, wildlife, festivals, lifestyle, events, landscapes and beyond. I strive to create imagery that breaches the surreal while maintaining the highest level of elegance.  If you have consultation or photographic inquiries please feel free to contact me at or any of the social outlets below.